Zumwalt II-class
USS Wilson Flagg (DDG-1003)

Country of Origin

United States of America





Ships in Class

17 (Zumwalt Flight II variant)


245 meters


40 meters

Top Speed

85.3 knots


Escort, stealth surveillance, littoral combat, shore bombardment


The Zumwalt II-class guided missile destroyers are an improved subclass of the Zumwalt-class. The "II" in the name represents the fact that the class is extremely upgraded from their original sister ships.

Ships in Class

Ship Hull Number Homeport
Wilson Flagg DDG-1003 Baltimore, Maryland
James F. Cahill DDG-1004 Norfolk, Virginia
Lillian E. Fishburne DDG-1005 Seattle, Washington
Owen Paul Honors, Jr. DDG-1006 Mayport, Florida
Isaac Hull DDG-1007 Boston, Massachusetts

William S. Parsons

DDG-1008 San Diego, California
Roger Staubach DDG-1009 Los Angeles, California
William Irons DDG-1010 Los Angeles, California
Marriott DDG-1011 Houston, Texas
Paul Spangler DDG-1012 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Michael Mullen DDG-1013 San Francisco, California
Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. DDG-1014 Boston, Massachusetts
James E. Carter DDG-1015 Mobile, Alabama
Christopher Shane DDG-1016 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Donnie Cochran DDG-1017 Guam
Ernest King DDG-1018 New York City, New York
Richard E. Byrd DDG-1019 Norfolk, Virginia


  • The class was proposed by Harmonmj13, but building was transfered to Marcboy99 before Harmon was able to build a functional hull.
  • William Irons is named after the son of Jonathan Irons, who was a Marine who was marked as MIA in 2005.
    • William Irons was originally planned to be named Richard M. Nixon, but was changed due to a nuclear guided missile submarine in NORAD being named after him.
  • Christopher Shane is named after the commodore who commanded all six Iowa-class battleships in a single battlegroup during the Persian Gulf War and died protecting his family from a riot by Federation loyalists in Hawaii.
  • Roger Staubach is named after the former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys who served in the Navy from 1964 to 1968 and served a tour in the Supply Corps. during the Vietnam War.



Zumwalt II-class


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