• ISNS Vigilance DDC-01, lead ship of the class.
  • The ISNS Savior.
  • ISNS Outlaw and her sisters are distinguishable for their lack of a helicopter pad at the rear.
  • All 3 Vigilance class leaders.

“For our liberties, our people and our way of life.”
— Motto of the ISNS Vigilance

The Vigilance class command destroyer is a destroyer operated by the Confederacy of Independent States Naval Forces and will be operated in the future by the Irish Navy.


The first of its kind for the confederacy, the Command Destroyer can command destroyer squadrons or amphibious landings from its large fleet command center located deep inside the ship. It has the offensive and defensive capabilities of a normal Confederate destroyer, and has slightly less armor than its Absolution cousin to give it more speed. There are currently 3 designs in the works:

  • Variant Alpha, which consists of the first 6 ships of the class.
  • Variant Beta, which has a slightly longer hull and consists of the next 3 ships of the class.
  • Variant Gamma, which has its helicopter pad and hanger removed to support more weapons, which in turn can support an amphibious landing. There are currently 6 ships in this subclass.


There is little history too it so far, as the first ship of the class has only just been commissioned. They are being built in the Confederacy by BAE Systems Carolina using the modular building method to speed up production time. The Irish Navy has shown interest in the design, which leads some to suspect a future purchase for Ireland.

Ships in Class

Ship Hull Number Homeport
Variant Alpha
Vigilance DDC-01 Naval Station New Halifax
Veers DDC-02 Naval Station Eden
O'Neill DDC-03 Naval Station Horizon
Ryan Dempsey DDC-04 Naval Station Horizon
O'Kelly DDC-05 Naval Station New Halifax
McElvogue DDC-06 Naval Station New Berlin
Variant Beta
Savior DDC-07 Naval Station New Berlin
Mitchell DDC-08 Naval Station Horizon
Daniels DDC-09 Naval Station Eden
Variant Gamma
Outlaw DDC-10 Naval Station New Dublin
Darman DDC-11 Naval Station Horizon
Ketchum DDC-12 Naval Station Horizon
James DDC-13 Naval Station New Berlin
Daniels DDC-14 Naval Station Eden
Kyle DDC-15 Naval Station Eden
O'Riley DDC-16 Naval Station New Halifax