UX-C-15 Daedalus
Daedalus during simulation


Command Ship


Kilat Yard



Primary users

Delusion's Fleet




AI: Type-343 C-50A Supercomputer, Tethered-Sentient AI


Artificial Intelligence


In use

Techical Information


2225 Meters


720 Meters

Cruising altitude


Primary armament

204cm guns, MCMs, SS-N-12 anti ship missiles

Secondary armament

10.5cm guns, 53cm guns

Propulsion system

Fusion Drive/Warp Drive

“Error; Unknown Cause, Error Code: 331315: Malfuntion AI”
— Daedalus' Error Log , After Returning from Ceres

The Daedalus Class battleship is an "An Advisor" in Delusion's fleet. It Carries a heavy armament and is able to take a lot of damage.

AI History

During the simulation tests, there were multiple errors surronding the AI system, but were unknown and wasn't able to be identified. After returning from Ceres, the same error happened and was identified to be an AI malfuntion, which caused the Daedalus to disobey orders to dock and refuel, causing an engine to go out which lead to a small crash which lightly damaged the right side and the wing.

The Kilat Yards AI investagtion found the cause a few hours later, which was caused by the tethering of the AI to Delusion's AI, and Kilat Yards ordered another daedalus to be built with a test AI to fix the problem. The problem was solved with the second AI so the original AI was replaced and the second Daedalus was fitted with quarter sentient AI which allowed the ship to follow orders but cannot go off on its own.

Combat History

Although not seeing much combat recently, its simulations included a situation which it had 2 escorts against a small fleet. The simulation was ran 8 times, of the 8 times, the AI Malfuntion happened 3 times. The events for the simulation is as follows: Daedalus encounters fleet, it makes an order, which will be overwritten by the control, including Daedalus' controls, this was to test if the tethering of the AI was working.

Production History

This is the Production for the ship

Ship Name Hull # Status Notes
Daedalus CS-002 Active Has Semi-Sentient AI
Danfield AS-001 Active Has Tethered Autopilot to the Delusion