Trafalgar-class Super Carrier


Super Carrier


Fleet Command


500 m


95 m


Nuclear Reactors

Primary Armament:

Six MK-45s

Secondary Armament:

Four Harpoon Missile Launchers, one Hedgehog ASW, two Phalanx CIWS

Aircraft Carried:

96 Aircraft



“Trafalgar was such a massive battle, with no losses on the British side. When a battle happens, I'll make sure this carrier is on the side of the British”
— Fleet Admiral Preston J. Cole in his personal journal

The Trafalgar-class Super Carrier is a massive super carrier in the AIF. Built for the IKN, it would soon be made by three other divisions of the AIF.


The IKN division of the AIF lacked a proper carrier force, and due to this it made them fairly weak. Fleet Admiral Preston J. Cole askedhis fellow Fleet Admiral, David F. Hodston if he could design a carrier for the IKN that could give them an advantage in combat. Cole would choose the class to be named the Trafalgar-class, after an improtant battle where the Royal Navy defeated the Spanish and French Navies. Designs showed a large hull along with a massive bridge to command a fleet from. Though Hodston would not prefer the idea of a carrier as fleet command, he accepted the designs and construction began.


The Trafalgar-class would see action against the AEON Navy and Prometheus. Three would be destroyed, and later raised after fighting AEON. Their armor proved them worthy in combat, and they would soon be made by the AIFTD and the ECD to strenghten their forces. All Trafalgar-class carriers would eventually be destroyed fighting Prometheus, with all current ships acting as replacements.


The ship had a very large geometric shaped deck, almost completely made out of armor. The bridge itself was massive, and contained enough equipment to command an entire AIF division and was able to hold a large protion of the AIF brass. Like many carriers designed by Cole, it has a boubolus bow on the front and was also armed with missiles and MK-45s for self defense, as the carrier heavily relied on escorting ships to protect it.

Ships in Class

Ships in Class Hull Number Home Port
Trafalgar CVN-120 AIF Naval Port
First of June CVN-121 AIF Naval Port
Waterloo CVN-122 AIF Naval Port
Nile CVN-123 AIF Naval Port
Diego Straights CVN-124 AIF Naval Port
Jutland CVN-125 AIF Naval Port
Dogger Bank CVN-126 AIF Naval Port
Nile CVN-127 AIF Naval Port
CVN-128 AIIF Naval Port
CVN-129 AIF Naval Port


  • The original Trafalgar-class carriers were named after famous IKN or British battles