Admiral Thomas Lasky serves in UAC

Early Life

Unlike most people, he lead a life that was almost perfect, but still had some things that shaped his personality. He was bullied in his early life, causing him to stay inside, reading books and contimplating the future. in high school, he took computer science, science, engineering, and math, and graduated with flying colors. he soon was making flying frigates of his own, and was also making a program to control it. A year later, he enrolled in UAC to get resources to build massive space ships.

Time in UAC

When he first joined, he started by redesigning a FS-0002 model from AIF with a slip space engine. Then he designed a FS-2 transport for the navy. He also quickly made the designs for FS-3 and FS-4, quickly increasing the power of UAC at the time. He participated in many of the wars UAC was in, but missed many. He eliminated a push by the Italians during the RM-AIF war. He missed a few though, but by this time, the rest of UAC could do it without his help.

Side Projects that are for UAC and otherwise.

In his spare time, he programmed a super computer network unrivaled in capacity(this is a lie, but still, it has a decent capacity for the things it's storing), and with firewalls that are almost impossible to penetrate, and contains programs, blueprints, and inventions that are only avalible to high ranking UAC members, or to decendants of him. The firewalls are semi-sentilent AI, doing what needs to be done to protect the contents of the network, be it deleting all the content or disconecting the whole network, or any other thing to keep them from prying eyes. He also organized the Marsian Republic of Phobos, and is known in the network, but this is locked to even UAC officals by the AI. He selected individuals to get inside a small number of FS-2's, with 2-3 FS-3's to escout them, but were disguised as Chinese vessels. FS-2's that were constructed as rentable cargo ships had a slower warp drive then the rest, due to the cost of making new warp drives without the UAC high command noticing the resources pulled.

Future RP action