Unlike most navies, the AIF was not formed through some RP war, or from members from former navies wanting to build up power to conquer the world. The AIF was formed by a bunch of members wanting to build a navy to show their ships, and as a place for them to talk about new ships and concepts. The story begins with an event that happened and a fateful encounter...

Date with destiny (RP story)

The flagship of then the small IKN, the Iron Fist, was on patrol during a conflict. She was spotted by the KISDF I-1, which by chance was commanded by Khoi Tran. The sub mistook the Iron Fist as a ship belonging to the pirates they were then fighting against. The I-1 started an attack run, and launched 10 torpedoes at the Iron Fist. 3 hit their mark, and caused serious flooding. But the trained crew were well equipped to fight the flooding, and the Iron Fist was soon back in action. By this time, the I-1 realised that the ship was neutral, and thus slipped away, leaving a apology transmission. David Hodstan and Khoi Tran eventually met to know a bit more about each other, hoping to prevent a war from happening. Instead, a friendship between the two, and designs and ideas were traded with each other. As time went on, the two realised that if they could combined forces, they would form a powerful navy that could challenge other fleets at the time. So the two men formed the AIF: the Alliance of Imperial Fleets. Eventually, Preston Cole came along and formed the UCD. Thus the base for one of the most powerful navies was founded.

More navies merged with the AIF, and new members joined and wars fought, but that is another story

-Story by Khoi Tran

Back Story (What really happened): Khoi Tran's telling

Okay, the RP seems like a ridiculous way to found a navy, but it was a true one. The battle was a super laggy fought by me and CRG Kevin which I exited out of frustration, and then when I returned, we were disconnected. I noted some things about the design of the Iron Fist, which would later proved useful in the design of the Challenger. Then I purposed the idea of combining our fleets, which later lead to some sort of navy on my message wall on the BSC Wiki. Then HMSHOMADE suggested the idea of making this into a real navy on the BSCN Wiki. So that is what we did, and over time, we gained new members to further increase our power.

So, that is a true story RP-fied, and possibly the weirdest way to form one of the most famous navy.