Armadia. The land of the free and the land of plenty. Founded in the early 1840s, it was a nation of many cultures. Similar to the United States of America, it has the same government but with a more powerful military, a stronger community and more laid back.

Its History

The Very beginning: 1830s

A Group of colonists found the amazing land of modern Armadia, as they named it. There was plenty of foods, water and an abundant supply of everything! However, Natives to that island had seen the ways of the colonists. They'd fear over the Colonists taking over and the hostile colonists would destroy everyone if the natives. United by the chance of driving back the colonists, the Natives banded together. Colonial Armadia was a ticking time bomb: War was inevitable. And in Port Washington, the bomb blew up. A fisherman had recently mocked the Natives and the natives were so fed up, they killed him, burned his house and destroyed his boat. The colonialmilitary had gone into war with the natives. At first, it was anyone's game. The natives hit and runwhile the colonists employed fire war. Then, Blake Phantom, used the awe inspiring navy to circle the island and force the natives to surrender. But by then, both sides had taken heavy casualties and decided to both share the island. After a government setup, Armadia was at peace.