The State of Israel controls the majority of the Middle East and its sole purpose is for the preservation and protection of Earth and its colonies. Israel is now one of many Super Powers in the Galaxy and has expanded its territory to as far as the Kuiper Belt.


The Histroy of Israel is starts in 1948 when the Israelites pushed the Palestinians out of their homeland. Later that year they formed the IDF, Israeli Defence Force. The Tzva Hahagana Le Yisrael(Army), Zroa HaAvir VeHahalal(Air Force) and the Heil HaYam HaYisrael(Navy) were formed. In 2014(RP Israel starting now), Israel launched a modernization program to revamp their Defence Force, focusing on their Navy for a Year and then expanding to the Army and Air Force. They quickly became a super power and after one week of the Program, the strongest Nation on Earth declared War which lasted for 1 Year. Currently, the Navy is the most Powerful section of Israels Military might followed by the Army and then the Air Force, though they are all very powerful by themselves compared to others.


Israels Army currently has 7,000,000 Active Soldiers with another 5,000,000 Reserve Soldiers and 80,000,000 Soldiers Deactived(Activated on a Draft). The Army hasn't initiated a Draft in years do to not needing to as their current amount of Active Soliders is sufficient. They also haven't ever used their Reserve in years. Israel has 3 Tank Lines:

  • Merkava: Fast Hit and Run Tank and Troop/Ammo Carrier.
  • Moshe: Tank Destroying Sniper and Front Line Sheild.
  • Rahmiel: Main MBT or Israel meant for Dishing out hits as it goes.