Silent Redemption class SSBN
The lead boat in dry dock


Ballistic Missile Submarine


Nuclear deterrence, anti ship/flying ship






Nuclear reactors to steam turbines, twin screw.

Primary Armament:

Thirty MCM silos

Secondary Armament:

Ten torpedo tubes

Tertiary Armament:



7827.4 GJ

The IKN Silent Retribution class is the IKN's first ballistic missile submarine, and is the deadliest submarine in the AIF arsenal.


"In the whole war with Prometheus, not one submarine was lost. Even when one destroyed their base of operations on Earth, they ignored them. Why? Some say it's just bad management, but I think it's arrogance, hubris, that they don't take them seriously. Well I know they're the perfect weapon to fight Prometheus with because of their arrogance. We killed a base last time, but with these we can hit their ships directly and with impunity."

-David Hodston, referring to the Silent Retribution class.

The Silent Retribution is designed to fight surface and flying ships, attack cities, and provide a nuclear deterrence to AIF's enemies.


The design of the Silent Retribution resembles the USN's Ohio class SSBN, and USN practice in general. The command section is forward of the missile silos, with reactors placed aft, and missiles in between. There are ten torpedo tubes forward, providing the class some defensive capabilities against other submarines. The reason for existence of the class is the deployment of MCMs, of which there are thirty in two rows of fifteen tubes. This allows the submarine to attack from long ranges with relatively little chance of damage from other long range weapons. Due to the inherent invulnerability to most weapons while at depth, the Silent Redemption class along with other missile equipped submarines features heavily in the AIF's defense strategies for another Prometheus attack.