The Signal Flare is a tool used by military for numerous roles in combat.


Flare Launcher

H&K AG36 flare gun

If forces are unable to communicate with one another via radio, either if out of range or if fried by an EMP, flares can be used to make strategic moves. It can also be used by men stranded at sea to signal aircraft or signaling a helicopter to perform a medevac.

Color Meanings

  • Green - Mission is a go; affirmative; all clear
  • Yellow - Hazardous signatures detected, exercise caution
  • Red - Backup requested; negative; heavy casualties
  • Purple - Mission terminated
  • Blue - Retreat
  • Gray - Enemy spotted
  • Orange - Friendly air support inbound
  • Black - Return to base/camp; total loss


  • The use of signal flares has been used for decades, but the modern system was developed and perfected by the Resistance Forces of America.
  • Most of the signal flare color meanings are from Attack on Titan.