Samsara S4
Samsara during test flights


Heavy flying ship


HYDRAXIS shipbuilding co.


Beowulf Vernichen

Primary users





Kumano K41-X AI super computer


Artificial Intelligence, anti shell fire design


In active service, as of 2014

Techical Information





Cruising altitude


Primary armament

204cm guns, MCMs

Secondary armament

10.5cm guns, doomsday cannons

Propulsion system

Ishikawajima Ne-50Xc Hyperdrive

“This ship is unlike any ship I've ever designed. It utilizes a unique shape in order for it to be harder to hit... Of course this idea may be far fetched, but it is worth a try.”
— Entry from Beowulf's journal

The Samsara S4 is a flying ship built by HYDRAXIS.


The Samsara S4 was designed by HYDRAXIS admiral Beowulf Vernichen. It uses a unique horseshoe-shaped hull in order for it to be more difficult to hit. Vernichen got the design when on break while talking to other ship admirals. One such admiral suggested a ship with a round design, and a hollow center for it to be harder to hit in battle. Once Vernichen left, he went to the drawing board to sketch out a design that will eventually lead to the Samsara S4.

Production history

The Samsara S4 has had many trial and error situations. On one such occasion, Vernichen tried to design a full circle hull (code named Hull-M1119AQ), but proved to be too heavy and took up too much space. So he redesigned it into a half circle, and produced Hull-M1119BQ. For more stability in flight, Vernichen ordered the Samsara to have wings and a tail. The wings were based off of another HYDRAXIS ship. During windtunnel tests, the wings seemed to not help the stability problems at all, so Vernichen added "fins" on the underside of the ship, positioned at the front. Though cumbersome and odd looking, the fins actually helped the stability issues. The final touchs of the ship were the "head" section, which Vermichen based off of Darksire's ships and the HYDRAXIS tradition of adding "eyes". The ship also possessed the artificial intelligence technology featured in many ships at the time, and long range warp drive for extensive long range flights. Soon, weapons were to be added and the Samsara S4 was born.