IKN Pittshaven
The lead boat in dry dock


Nuclear attack submarine


Hunter-killer, patrol.






Nuclear reactors to steam turbines, twin screw.

Primary Armament:

Twenty torpedo tubes

Secondary Armament:

Thirty two VLS missiles

Tertiary Armament:




“We must get this intel to AIF command, go to 115% on the reactor.”
— unknown captain of a Pittshaven class sub.

The Pittshaven class of nuclear attack submarine is the most advanced attack submarine in IKN service. Though not as fast as the Ewe-11 class, the Pittshaven class packs far more firepower.


The origins of the Pittshaven go back to the AIF-Prometheus War, where the IKN surface fleet was decimated by Prometheus. The only victory that the IKN had over Prometheus was the famous attack by Ewe-29, where a Prometheus base was demolished by charges set by its crew. After the war, the only remaining strength in the IKN fleet was its submarine strength, which had suffered no losses in the war.

As a result of these minimal losses, IKN strategists conducted a study into the best means of attacking a flying ship with a submarine. The solution was found to be a ballistic missile submarine, which the IKN eventually developed into the Silent Retribution class SSBN. Knowing that the new class would be large, slow, and vulnerable, development began on the next generation of attack submarines, this resulted in the nuclear powered Pittshaven class.


The Pittshaven class is a large and powerful submarine, though a bit slow. It's teardrop shaped hull bears a resemblance to the old Cetus class submarine, though it is closer to the Ewe-11 class in speed. Propulsion is provided by multiple nuclear reactors, which power two propellers. For armament the Pittshaven is equipped with 22 torpedo tubes, along with a 32 cell VLS system. This heavy armament makes the Pittshaven one of the most powerful sub classes in the AIF.