Moshe Class
INS Moshe I-45




Israeli Navy


Sea Supremecy/Sea Patrol

Technical Information(Hansa)




50 Meters


4 General Electric Geared Steam Turbines

Thickest Armor

20 Inches

Primary Armament

16" Guns

Seconday Armament

5" Guns

Anti Arcraft Armament

20mm AA and 40mm AA Guns


EL/M-2000 MF-STAR Radar

Moshe Class

The Moshe Class Battleships is a class of 4 Battleships for the Israeli Navy that was built by Fleet Admiral David Marcus. They were first used against the war against Germany and Italy and proved highly successful. They are used to patrol the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. They are currently in service.


In 2014, the Israeli Navy, only having Missile Boats and Patrol Boats at the time, had recieved blueprints of a old battleship class from their allie, the United States Naval Fleet. They took the World War Two class and duplicated it with minimal modifications. The class was put in service in Feburary of 2014 and was used to patrol the waters of Israel. In March, there was a war between multiple Israeli Allies against Germany and Italy. Israel declared war after Italy got to close for comfort by Israeli Controled water. The new Moshe Battleships, along with the new Gershon Carriers made one week prior, made their way down to Italy and engaged in a naval engagment.

The Battle of the Aegean Sea resulted in Israel gaining Naval Supremecy over Italy. With the wars end, Israel gained all of the Syrian Peninsula and had the Moshe's and Gershon's to thank. Their most recent engagment was against the Russian Navy Invasion/Blockade.


Primary Armament

The primary 16 inch guns of the Moshe Class was chosen after a long and hard debat. The original proposal was to keep the 15 inch guns that the plans already had. This, however, was quickly abandoned when Israel's enemies created ships with larger guns. The next proposal was for nine 18 inch guns, this was also abandoned when the engineers decided that the guns would capsize the ship. The cost of one 18 inch gun was also way to much money, let alone 45. The plan was for eight 16 inch guns which had a better amor piercing power then the 18 inch guns.

Secondary Armament

The secondary 5 inch dual purpose guns were on the original designs and were kept on the ships for their precision and ability to hit ships and aircraft. The 5 inch guns that are on the ships were made specially for the Moshe Class, their design consists of a dual mount with two guns inside. The ammo is special as it has a fuse inside if it is used against aircraft, in which case, when the ammo reaches a certain altitude, the fuse lights and ignites the charge inside which explodes like reguler AA ammo.