Halcyon-class Light Cruiser

The UAC's Halcyon-class cruiser is armed with an MK-2 MAC on the bow of the ship

The Magnetic Accelerator Cannon is a type of coilgun used to prope a projectile using rows of magnetic coils, and is most commonly used as an offensive weapon by the United Aerospace Command, AIF, and other navies. They are extremely powerful, heavily relying on the kinetic force and power to knock out enemy ships.


Coilguns are very simple to make, and much cheaper compared to other tpyes of weapons. The basic design is a group of magnetic coils wrapped around a barrel to propel a projectile forwards. The projectile is commonly either tungsten or depleted uranium, but other types are used depending on the situation.

In the Uses of Navies


The United Aerospace Command is the most common user of the MAC, with a large percentage of their fleet's ships armed with at least one. Following the UAC is the AIF, but do not use it as often as compared to the UAC. The UAC has designed different types of MACs during their time also, ranging from a 5 m bore to even larger sizes. During firing, over 50% of power is switched to the MAC's five rows of coils, making them extremely deady. They virtually have an unlimited range in space, making them the perfect weapon in long range engagements against hostile forces.


The AIF has used a small amount of Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, only on some ships is it actually mounted on.

Types of MACs


There are many kinds of MACs in the UAC, ranging from the MK-1 to the MK-6. Anything above an MK-4 has a one hour recharge time

MK-1 MAC: The most common and basic magnetic accelerator cannon. It can damage fairly large ships, and has a 10 minute recharge time.

MK-2 MAC: The second most common type, commonly seen on light cruisers, some frigates, and used as a secondary by larger vessels. It is three times as powerful as the MK-1, and due to that they have a 30 minute recharge time

MK-3 MAC: Most seen on heavy cruisers, the MK-3 is most seen on the Valiant-class Super Heavy Cruiser with a 45 minute recharge time

MK-4 MAC: A more rare kind of MAC, mostly seen on battleships and sometimes heavy cruisers, it has an hour recharge time

MK-5 MAC: Used on Orbital Defense Platforms, it is extremely deadly to capital ships, capable of dealing heavy damage, or even outright destroying them. It has an hour recharge time

MK-6 MAC: The more rare kind of magnetic accelerator cannon, seen on super ships like carriers or battleships.