Levitation Class Supercarrier
The Levitation over Arandie






700+ m


Repulsor Engines

Long Distance travel method


Automated System(s)


Primary Armament

Multiple D-Day guns, 204 cm guns, and a Direct Energy Weapon.

Secondary Armament

53cm guns, 105s, and a few AA railguns



“The Levitation, will change the Crusaders forever. We shall now be a feared navy.”
— Degrad Falco, Formal Fleet Admiral of the Crusaders , During the Launch of the CAV Levitation.

Design and Planning

35 years before the Crusaders-Diaeon war, Fleet Admiral Degrad Falco wanted a capital warship with recovered Diaeon Tech, the outcome was the T1-11-15A Levitation class Supercarrier. It quickly became the most powerful ship in the Crusaders' fleet. 

Production Process

The Ship was built in 2 parts, the Upper Bridge section, and the Lower Body section. the Body itself took about 14 months to build, while the bridge section took 12 1/4 months, and it takes about a month just to connect the 2 section together. But when the ship was originally designed, it was planned to be built together, and had a estimated build time of over 3 1/2 years.

When scientests first reverse enginerred Diaeon tech recovered from a captured Thyon class battleship, Fleet Admiral Degrad Falco wanted all tech recovered from the ship to be studied, remade, and then used in a capital warship.


The Levitation class participated in numerous naval operations, such as Operation Kinetic, during the Crusaders-Diaeon War, and the most recent was when the CAV Solace destroyed the UAC Collidrium with a direct energy weapon. 

2 Levitation Class Supercarrier was taken after it left the production yard and a Class 3 Superlaser was added instead of the triditional Type 119 Direct Energy Weapon. The Prototypes were destroyed to prevent capture by the Rebels. 

Production Info

A total of 19 vessels were made, heres the info on the ships built. All but 1 ship, the Solace was destoyed, and 8 was captured.

Ship Name Hull Number Status Notes
CAV Levitation CSV-01 Destroyed
CAV Diaverce CSV-02 Destroyed

Captured by Rebels

CAV Liathon CSV-03 Destroyed Captured by Rebels
CAV Continuous CSV-04 Destroyed
CAV Dero CSV-05 Destroyed
CAV Scion CSV-06 Destroyed Captured by Rebels
CAV Solace CSV-08 Active
CAV Dieomphlet CSV-09 Destroyed
CAV Zeon CSV-10 Destroyed Captured by Rebels
CAV Silent Quiver CSV-12 Destroyed Captured by Rebels
CAV Dif CSV-13 Destroyed

Scrapped due to hull complications

CAV Deliverance CSV-14 Destroyed
CAV Orion CSV-15 MIA Disappeared During Operation Zed
CAV Zaeon CSV-18 Destroyed Captured by Rebels
CAV Spyder CSV-19 MIA Disappeared during Operation Scion
CAV Dante CSV-20 Destroyed Captured by Rebels
CAV Stive  CSV-21 Destroyed Captured by Rebels
KS-013 CSV-22 Destroyed Experimental vessel with Class 3 Super Laser.
KS-014 CSV-23 MIA, Presumed Destroyed Experimental vessel with Class 3 Super Laser.

Majority of these vessels were destroyed durning the civil war.