Johnathan Zumwalt




6' 5

eye color:


Johnathan Steven Zumwalt was born to a middle class family in the city of Pittshaven. his great-great-grandfather was an admiral in the Pemberton Era, and his Great-great-great granduncle served on the IKN Redemption, which sank after a duel with a pirate schooner and gave the strait there its name. growing up, he had a strong interest in naval warfare. he went to college on a degree in History and, after finishing college, joined the IKN in his early twenties. he graduated the academy and was assigned as an ensign to the IKN Repulse, where he was tactical officer for two years. As a lieutenant, Zumwalt was on Repulse during the Battle of Pemberton Cape, where his training caused a Niveck battlecruiser to explode. Shortly later, he was reassigned to the IKN Iron Fist as a Lieutenant Commander. he served there for another four years, then went on to the IKN Leviathan, as first officer to Captain Jackson Brantley. a few years later, he was offered a position as captain of the new battleship, IKN Dauntless, an Iron Fist class ship. he reached the rank of commodore on Dauntless, then transferred to the IKN Diadem, a more modern Iron Fist. he attained Rear Admiral, then, in mid 2014, transferred yet again to the newest and final Iron Fist to be constructed, the Royal Oak. he still retains Royal Oak as his flagship, and has constructed several super battleships, some nearly twice as strong.