“This is a day that will change the course of history, this is the day where we take a step forward in technology! I now commision the UAC Incorruptible, BB-01 into the United Aerospace Command Navy!”
— Preston J. Cole during the commissioning ceremony of the UAC Incorruptible
Incorruptible-class Super Heavy Battleship
1000px-UAC Incorruptible
The Incorruptible over Earth


Super Heavy Battleship


Ship-to-ship combat


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Two Continental Fusion Drives

Warp Engine:

Slipspace Drve

Navigation Systems:

Navigation Computer/AI


Titanium-A Battle Plating

Primary Armament:

Sixty-two 2040mm XLB-01 Laser Cannons, Two 2000cm Devastator Cannons

Secondary Armament:

32 Mega-Cruiser-Missiles, Four SSN-12 Missile Launchers, several AA rail guns, several 10.5cm rapid fire guns

The Incorruptible-class Super Heavy Battleship is a massive ship designed for frontal ship-to-ship combat, and also the first "super ship" of the United Aerospace Command.


During the early stages of the UAC, Preston J. Cole had began the development of a super ship. The Dawn Under Heaven-class showed to be effective, but the armor was weak and unable to sustain a lot of fire in combat. Cole would then look to designs that he had witnessed. He looked mainly at the Korrina-II, witnessed at the Battle of Israel. He decided to take the idea of it and improve on it. After a few months of construction and design, it was commissioned and put into service.

Service in the United Aerospace Command

The Incorruptible, due to her size was unable to enter mass production immediatly, as Cole ordered large ships to be one-of-a-kinds until proper facilities were made. She would see action in many standoffs with the DPL, the AIF breakout campaign, and would be tested with the Second Battle Over ISBA. There she would suffer major damage, and would be under maitnance for two months until returning to service.

Ships in Class Hull Number Homeport
Incorruptible BB-01 Kuat Drive Yards


  • Insparation came from WolgangBSC's Korrina II
  • The Incorruptible has 3.1 Million Toughness, making her very powerful in terms of armor
  • It has been used as an acting flagship for Cole during serious engagements, where the Valiant-class Super Heavy Cruiser UAC Everest would usually take the role
  • Rumors of a second Incorruptible being made are going around UACHIGHCOM, but has been claimed false by Cole himself
  • The Incorrupdible was the first UAC ship to mount laser based weaponry