Enterprise-class Super carrier
The Enterprise at sea


Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier


Support Vessel, sends aircraft to assault the enemy


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Nuclear Reactors (Hansa) Carrier Boiler (Vanilla)

Primary Armament:

Two MK-45s, four Harpoon Anti-ship missile launchers

Aircraft Carried:


The Enterprise-class nuclear aircraft carrier was the first carrier in the AIF's Enterprise-Connecticut. Along with being one of the few original ships from the ECD.


The Enterprise originally was commissioned by the United States Navy in November of 1961, and had become the world's largest, and first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Serving through many decades with the USN, it became one of the most famous vessels in the fleet. During this time, the soon-to-be Fleet Admiral Preston Jeremiah Cole and future commodore Christopher Shane would serve on the vessel, and Cole eventually made it to becoming the captian of the ship.

Under the Command of Cole

Cole would command the ship for a few years, and also save the vessel from scrapping when tensions in Asia began to rise. After becoming Rear Admiral, he convinced the Navy to add it into his fleet to prove that the vessel was still capabe of fighting. She would then participate in all three of the Aires Wars, and eventually enter AIF service when Cole joined them with his fleet.

Service in the AIF

With only one carrier in his fleet, Cole ordered the construction of nine more carriers like the Enterprise to strenghten his force. With two more designs coming along, he would begin his small fleet with the carriers. Despite their fame and liking with the crew, most of the carriers were sunk during the engagement against Prometheus, with the Enterprise barely surviving, having it run aground at the ISBA islands, and would remain there for a while.

The Reconstruction of the AIF

When the AIF returned with the Alliance, the Enterprise was discovered by a UAC patrol over the ISBA islands. Two cruisers would tow the still sea-worthy vessel to the AIF Home Islands where it would go under a refit while the islands would be brought back in the reconstruction period. The carrier islands from seven of the sunken sister ships were used as the main superstructures of the Unicron-class battleships.

Ships in Class

Ships in Class Hull Number Homeport
Enterprise CVN-65 AIF Naval Port
Saratoga CVN-66 AIF Naval Port
Lexington CVN-67 AIF Naval Port
Yorktown CVN-68 AIF Naval Port
Hornet CVN-69 AIF Naval Port
Wasp CVN-70 AIF Naval Port
Intrepid CVN-71 AIF Naval Port
Bunker Hill CVN-72 AIF Naval Port
Essex CVN-73 AIF Naval Port
Iwo Jima CVN-74 AIF Naval Port
Phillipine Sea CVN-75 AIF Naval Port