Delusion D-40
Delusion during the night


Flying Ship






Anti-gravitational engine

Long Distance travel method


Automated systems

Heimsroff H-Max Computer System Mk.4, outfitted with a sentient AI

Primary Armament

204cm guns, and MCMs

Secondary Armament

10.5cm guns, and a crane

“Those who witness the great power this machine beholds, second-guess themselves. Some are freaked, knowing this ship may be the bringer of destruction. Others say; it's just a delusion...”
— Darksire, during a speech introducing the ship to his soldiers.


It was a fateful summer day, which brang the idea of the Delusion to life. Darksire had finally found out advanced techniques of flying ship creation. He could make it fly higher, and change it if needed, very quickly; for editing a ship without these techniques meant risking destruction.

He paced around the room, thinking of an idea. His strongest ship at the time was the Rook II, fearsome in battle, but not in appearance. Darksire needed something menancing.

One day, Darksire overheard talk of dinosaurs around the cafeteria, as he observed his troops. He decided to study dinosaurs, hoping they would work as a design. This lead him to the Dimorphodon, a lizard that lived during the dinosaur times, but wasn't one. It had a large sail, and four feet. Darksire thought that possibly, a sail might be able to hold more guns, and offer a limited amount of protection on a ship. He also thought that the design was idiotic. However, with the advanced techniques, he thought it would become effective. The next week, he told the dock builders his new plan for a experiment. What was meant to be an experiment, turned into one of the most fearsome ships there was.

Building Process

By the command of Darksire, the ship building began. They first started at the head, and detailed it akin to that of a lizard's. The mouth could open and close, it had red eyes (as most HYDRAXIS flying ships had "eyes"), and it had teeth as well. The first half of the body was made, starting big, then getting skinnier as it came to the middle. This section was based off the HXFS Hammerhead, another HYDRAXIS ship. The second half was constructed. A certain engineer at this time suggested to Darksire that he should put a crane in the ship, to examine objects. Darksire agreed, and allowed them to make one for Delusion.

Also during this time, the engineers were making the rooms in the head, for the captain of the ship. It was here that Warui, Darksire's second in command, proposed that the ship should be sentient. This led to a small seperation between the HYDRAXIS soldiers. Some argued that the ship would go rogue and try to kill humanity, while others argues that the AI could do things no humans could make the ship do. Ultimately, the AI was installed into the ship's computer.

The second half of the body was then constructed for the ship, basically a reversal of the first half, but with a very short tail. Once that was constructed, the four legs/wings were made. The black stripes on the wings was made when a engineer tried to divide the wing pieces by groups of four. Every fourth one was colored black. This upset Darksire very much, and led to the engineer being sent to make furniture.


The full body of Delusion can be just barely seen in this picture.

When the sail was created, there were several problems. The sail was measured to not be able to hold enough guns, which irritated Darksire, as his specifications were at least more than 150 204cm guns. Therefore, they heightened the sail tons in order to make the guns fit. When the guns were attached, they had a tendency to fall off the Delusion. Eventually, the problem was fixed, but several workers died from the falling guns. Now, Delusion was finished.

Sequence Initiated

Proud of his invention, Darksire held a speech the week after it was finished, explaining how Delusion worked. During the speech, he told Delusion (fitted with the computer AI) to show off its capabilities. The ship promptly warped away, with no passengers on board p; it operated by itself. Darksire hadn't been clear enough, and that resulted in consequences. Delusion had gone to New Belka, where it fought against the AF. It quickly showed its worth, decimating several cities, and destroying tons of ships, without much damage. The AF were forced to flee from New Belka, and they would never come back, instead finding refuge in the AIF. The Delusion had spotted the AF ships warping away, and followed them to the AIF islands, where it wrecked havoc, killing a entire fleet of ships, destroying harbors and cities, and causing massive damage in general. However, its rampage was stopped when Darksire got into its body, and assited by several AIF troops, managed to shut the AI off. But that wouldn't be the end of Delusion.

Battle at Neo-Earth


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