Admiral of the Navy




Mirage D-39





Darksire is the commander of the HYDRAXIS Furniture and Ship Building Corporation.

Work in Progress

General Backstory

Darksire was born the older brother of Doc. Him and Doc went to normal schools, and were one of the smartest in their schools. Darksire himself always had high grades. Darksire and Doc also attended college. However, Darksire had fallen under the grasp of greed, and using his skills and strength gained from a fighting class, Darksire murdered people silently for money, and enjoyment. During these assassinations, Darksire would wear a gasmask to conceal himself, and later took to wearing it forever. No one would realize what Darksire had become until later. After Darksire graduated, the UR and the ISAF had sparked up their war. Darksire found a poster for the UR and joined them. He rose up the ranks, until he became second-in-command along with Tenebrous, building creations that he would draw just for the sake of killing. He used the money gained from the UR to make HYDRAXIS, a more covert navy, secretly made to eventually take over the UR.

Darksire slowly became more corrupt, secretly taking out other rival furniture CEOs for profit. Meanwhile, the UR was slowly being pushed back by the ISAF. During these times of peril, a man called Dr. Razanal appeared. Darksire was rather irritated by Razanal's rude behavior, and slowly realized how brutal and evil he had become. He quit the UR to work full-time on HYDRAXIS. Later, the ISAF mysteriously disappeared. He stayed behind the scenes, quietly observing the new navies springing up with spies. During that, he ran his furniture company, and gained tons of money. He used this money to build a armada of ships. Darksire decided to redeem himself by destroying all ties of the UR, which he had almost successfully done, if not for Razanal. Although Darksire had sworn never to be evil again, Darksire shows tints of his corruption still, but works for the greater good.

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