Connecticut-class Battleship (AIF)
USS Connecticut with rare metal weapons
A view of the ECD Connecticut in dry-dock




Flagship of the ECD, Offensive warship




Gas Turbine Engines

Primary Armament:

16 46cm guns in 4 turrets, 16 Harpoon Anti-ship missiles

Secondary Armament:

9 40cm guns in 5 turrets, 8 38cm guns in two turrets

Tertiary Armament:

8 30.5cm guns in 4 turrets, multiple 25mm AT/AA


120 knots



The Connecticut-class battleship was a class of battleships constructed by Preston Jeremiah Cole of the AIF.


The Connecticut has a very slim hull, with most of it full of different weapon systems. The main bridge is in a "cube" shape whith a angled mast protruding from the top. The top deck is mostly 400mm armor with a large ring of 600mm armor wrapped around the upper hull.


Preston J. Cole (As a vice admiral) had suggested that the USN construct a battleship to help counter the rising tensions in Asia. The navy gave him a few billion dollars for funding and he began designing. Using the research recovered from the Yamato, he took the ideas of the 46cm gun and the USS Iowa to create a better, more efficent type of battleship. After sending is proposal, it was shortly approved and commisioned a few years later. Cole would choose it as his flagship and bring it to action against the Aires.

When Cole encountered the AIF, he decided that one of his battleships would not be enough, and began construction of four more to allow the fleet to grow.

Service in the AIF

The ECD Conecticut specifically would serve as Preston J. Cole's flagship throughtout his time in the AIF. After numerous egagements, and fighting it would gain a reputation against its enemies.

During the final attack on the AIF by Prometheus, all Connecticut-class battleships were destroyed when the ISBA islands collapsed. Only the hulls of the Connecticut and the Vermont were salvagable, and the others were replacements created in honor of the original five.

Ships in Class

Ships in Class Hull Number Homeport
Connecticut ECDBB-02 Arcadia Naval Port
Massachuesetts ECDBB-03 Arcadia Naval Port
Rhode Island ECDBB-04 Arcadia Naval Port
New Hampshire ECDBB-05 Arcadia Naval Port
Vermont ECDBB-06 Arcadia Naval Port