Caernarvon II Class Battleship
Caernarvon II Next to the original Caernarvon








Fusion Drive

Long Distance travel method


Automated systems

Gen 2 Type 331 Computer, Later refitted with AI

Primary Armament

204cm cannons, MCMs, and 4 MK. 3 MACs, Later fitted with MK.4 MACs.

Secondary Armament

53cm Guns, and 10.5cm guns.

“Today, shall be the last day we fear an attack from a superpower, as now, we shall be amongst them.”
— Arkady Kovochuck Jr , During the launch of the UAC Content, the first of the Caernarvon II class battleships.

Planning History

When Admiral Arkady Kovochuck reviewed the ships of its allies, one ships caught his eyes, the Korrina II, now named Xerxes of the DPL. The Xerxes had a very tough hull, along with a massiveamountt of main guns. Arkady decided to build something to be able to outclass it. The Caernarvon II had multiple prototypes with the same general hull design, it eventually came down to the D-11C1 Hull, which eventually was redesigned to allow more MAC rounds and a larger crew compartment.


This ship did not participate much in the more recent battles, although some notable ones are the most recent, when the Atlas control was destroyed. And when the Crusaders made their first appearence. The UAC Collidrium was destroyed by the CAV Solace after being called for backup.


The main armament on this ship is 204cm guns with 53cm and 10.5 cm guns as secondary, and carries 4 MK 3 MACs, and was later fitted with 4 MK 4 MACs. It also carried multiple MCMs.

Production History

The First Caernarvon II was the UAC Content, Launched on September 28th.

Production Info

Ship Name Hull Number Homeport Status
UAC Content BB-01 Gimli Desert Naval Station Active
UAC Collidrium BB-02 Gimli Desert Naval Station Destroyed
UAC Cauliflower BB-04 Gimli Desert Naval Station Undergoing Repairs
UAC Diverce BB-07 Gimli Desert Naval Station Destroyed
UAC Hawk BB-06 Gimli Desert Naval Station Active
UAC Night Angel BB-09 Overlord Station 01 Under Construction