Arrowhead class star dreadnought
It's better up here
An Arrowhead class from behind.


Star Dreadnought


Ship to Ship Combat


1540 m




Fusion Drive powering KDY-16 and KDY-12 main drive motors

Warp Engine:

Slipspace Drive

Navigation Systems:

Navigation Computer

Primary Armament:

One MK-3 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, six MK-1 Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, 35 204cm guns

Secondary Armament:

10 53cm guns, 16 MCM silos, 8 SSN-12 missiles.

Tertiary Armament

4 AA rail guns, 1 phalanx CIWS

"Well she's bigger than my other ships that's for sure. Would've liked better speed, but, I can't have everything." -James Zahn, musing over his new battleship design

The UAC Arrowhead is a class of medium battleship built for the UAC.


The Arrowhead class shares many attributes with Zahn's smaller ship designs, this includes a wedge shaped hull, belly hangar, and a bridge that can separate for independent travel. The class is much larger than Zahn's other ships, being nearly twice the length of the earlier Spear of Saturn class.


A notable variant of the standard Arrowhead class is the currently one-off UAC Buccaneer, a long range fire support version with ten oversized gun turrets replacing the 204cm main battery.


The one off Buccaneer, note the heavy guns.