Arcaedius Alexander


July 20th, 1742 (Put into cryo sleep at age 34)


The Crusaders


Fleet Admiral


CAV Solace

“Why do I always miss the fun.”
— Arcaedius , After seeing Battlegroup Delta destroy an entire blockade, 1772

Early life

Arcaedius was constantly bullied at school due to his size, but eventually grew to a hight of 6'10. He attended the Crusader's Naval Academy in Derizen, Arcandie at the age of 17, he had some minor problems during the time at the academy like minor ADHD and not following orders sometimes. but graduated at the age of 20, which is earlier than average for The Crusaders. He was placed on the CAV Confiement as a weapons officer for his first deployment.

Naval Career

Rising through the ranks

At the age of 26, he was promoted to captain and was given the ship CAV Distortion, which was destroyed by the Diaeon. 2 years later, he was promoted to Admiral and was given the ship CAV Solace as his flagship. and another 3 years later, he was promoted to fleet admiral after Fleet Admiral Degrad Falco was killed.