All Under Heaven-class Super Carrier
All Under Heaven
The All Under Heaven on trial runs


Super Carrier


Fleet Command, support


375.0 m


85.0 m


Nuclear Reactors

Primary Armament:

Two MK-45s

Secondary Armament:

128 MK-44 Missiles, One AA Railgun, two Phalanx CIWS

Tertiary Armament:

Four 20mm Oerlikon AA guns, two 40mm Bofors

Aircraft Carried:



10729.1 GJ

The All Under Heaven-class Super Carrier is the second largest aircraft carrier in the Enterprise-Connecticut Division of the AIF, and one of the most widely known for their poetic names.


During the early stages of the AIF, the ECD was relatively low on power in terms of aircraft carriers, Fleet Admiral Preston J. Cole decided to put in the designs from the Gerald R. Ford-class and use them in the AIF. After working for a few months, he designed a proper hull and decent placing for weapon systems and aircraft. Soon ten of them were immedialty put into production to increase the EDC's fighter power. Once completed, Cole realised that they had not given a name for the first vessel. He decided to name it All Under Heaven, given the carrier's first captain was interested in Poetry. The name was chosen, and the other carriers following it were given poetic names also.


The overall ship and hull have a large resemblence to the Gerald R. Ford-class from the United States Navy, as that is where the insparation came from. There are several runways on the deck, along with multiple mounts for weapon systems. The bridge is far back behind the vessel, and a boubolus bow is on the front.

Ships in Class

Ships in Class Hull Number Homeport
All Under Heaven CVN-109 Arcadia Naval Port
Victory over Evil CVN-110 Arcadia Naval Port
The Sword and the Shield CVN-111 Arcadia Naval Port
From Dusk to Dawn CVN-112 Arcadia Naval Port
To Be or Not to Be CVN-113 Arcadia Naval Port
The Final Frontier CVN-114 Arcadia Naval Port
The Illiad and the Odyssey CVN-115 Arcadia Naval Port
Reaching Towards Hope CVN-116 Arcadia Naval Port
Nelson's Victory CVN-117 Arcadia Naval Port
Forward Unto the Breack CVN-118 Arcadia Naval Port
All Under the Angels CVN-119 Arcadia Naval Port