Alexander Veers


Imperial Marine Guard



Command Vehicle

Modified Camel Class assault platform


Imperial Marine Guard Officer Academy



“They call that a defense?”
— Veers during the invasion of the Niveck Empire

Alexander Veers is a colonel in the AIF's Imperial Marine Guard who specializes in commanding and designing heavy armored units.

Early life

Pre AIF Military Service

Early Service

Veers enrolled in the IMG as a regular marine, after which he saw service as a mechanic for an IMG tank brigade. He soon was assigned as a gunner on one of the tanks, which allowed him to take command after the commander was killed in battle.

Armored Warfare

Veers proved a competent commander in armored warfare, soon saw himself commanding a small brigade of tanks by the invasion of the Niveck.

Invasion of the Niveck Empire

As the invasion commenced, Veers was by then a major commanding multiple battalions of tanks, and a rising star in the military.

AIF Service