Point Defense Gun

12.7cm Point Defense Gun

The 12.7cm point defense gun is a weapon utilized by the United Aerospace Command as a point defense weapon onboard naval warships.


The main design of the weapon resembles a U.S. Mark 7 5in/12.7cm gun turret commonly seen on warships as a secondary armament. The entire turret is automated, with an autoloading system, and vacuumed sealed.


The weapon commonly fires high explosive rounds at a fairly high rate of fire, sacrificing armor penetration for firepower of the weapon. Due to it being fairly weak, it serves as an Anti-Aircraft weapon, where AA rail guns are either unable to function or if it is for anti-missile or used against ground troops.

Firing System

The weapons can be manually controlled and move independent from each other. The main system is controlled by an artificial intelligence to make it more accurate and efficient in combat instead of a human operator. The actual weapon is fully automatic, and each barrel fires after the other barrel due to the fairly low fire rate for each barrel fires at 330 rounds per minute (11 rounds per second, or at a similar rate of a 40mm L/70 Bofor). The weapon has an autoloading system, with the ammunition on a "belt" that feeds into the weapons. Spent shell casings are ejected below the gun system, and disposed of. To prevent severe wear of the barrel, smoothbore barrels are used instead of rifled due to the high fire rate of the weaponry.


The gun can fire 12.7cm High Explosive rounds, and armor piercing shells more rarely. Due to armor on hostile aerospace warships being relatively thick, armor piercing rounds are usually not used unless dealing with armored strike craft, or light surface warships.


The 12.7cm Point Defense Gun is mostly used against oncoming missiles such as MCMs, or against aircraft. They can also be used effectively against ground targets, capable of easily taking down infantry, but armor is fairly resistant to it, but will fall eventually. This was seen during the AIF-Italian war when AIF Paris-class frigates and Halcyon-class light cruisers strafed beachheads and easily knocked out infantry.


12.7cm Point Defense Guns are commonly mounted on smaller grade warships due to the lower costs in comparison to the AAA Helix Railgun commonly mounted on larger warships. The weapon is also ground based, being used to defend multiple UAC installations on colonies.


In-game, the 12.7cm Point Defense Gun is represented by the dual barrel Mark 7 5in turret.